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Message from a senior

【A word from a senior employee】
There is a training period for about three months at the company, and there is also a senior employee accompanying you, so even those who have no experience can work with peace of mind.
In order to respond to various consultations from customers, it is a job that naturally acquires the skills to snuggle up to customers who need sales.
In addition, there are many opportunities to see users who use our products in the city, and it is a very rewarding job to realize that they support the lives of the elderly.

【A word from a senior employee】
At first, I didn't have much confidence in personal computers, but i was very grateful to be able to handle my work with peace of mind by being able to teach me one by one in an easy-to-understand and polite manner.
The atmosphere in the company is good and it is easy to work, and it is a fulfilling every day while helping each other.

【A word from a senior employee】
I was inexperienced in the office, but if you remember the contents of the work without difficulty, you can handle it at your own pace, so it is safe even if you are inexperienced!!
It is an environment that is easy to take a day off, and to work very easily without unnecessary overtime work.

【A word from a senior employee】
Because a lot of welfare tools can be maintained, it is possible to improve the knowledge of the welfare tool and the repair technology.
If you are interested in welfare equipment, i think it is recommended work.
Even if you don't have the knowledge, there's an easy job. There are a lot of parts, too.
I'll teach you carefully.

【A word from a senior employee】
It is also important to improve your personal skills, but it is important to cooperate with other employees within your organization.
I work with part-time workers, but I always try to work comfortably with an environment that is easy to work in.
The sense of accomplishment when we work together and achieve results is wonderful.
Let's taste the sense of accomplishment together by all means.